Tiger Bliss – NZ Pale Ale 5.8%


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Tiger Bliss – NZ Pale Ale 5.8%

There seems to be a growing corner of our fanbase who really vibe off our beers when they blur that line between Pale and IPA. Tiger Bliss is the latest iteration of this fondness for that blurring of the line – rocking in at 5.8%, it’s not got that knock-your-head-off strength of one of our bigger beers, but sits at a strength where all that full and fluffy mouthfeel of our IPAs sticks around. Utilizing exclusively New Zealand hops on this beer, we’ve decided to bring the high juice party in abundance – think lively lemon and lime, backed up with sun-drenched tropical notes from Motueka, orange blossom backed up with citrus rind from The Bruce, and those incredible crushed gooseberry, white pepper and white wine grape notes that show why Nelson is one of the most highly sought after varietals in the world.