Strata – Single-Hop Pale Ale 5.4%


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Strata – Single-Hop Pale Ale 5.4%

We make no secret of our admiration for the absolute kings of simplicity, The Kernel. Whilst we love creating the super-hazy, opaque, fruit-forward pale and hoppy beers of our Stateside juice-slinging cousins, we also hold a huge passion for those straight up, no fuss easygoing pale ales perfected by the masters from the capital. Wanting to replicate that clean, crisp flavour profile, we’ve segued away from our in-house LA3 yeast strain on this beer, favouring instead a West Coast yeast to intentionally create a more gentle haze. Opting for a single hop showcase, we’ve brought everyone’s new favourite hype-hop Strata to the party on this beer; the result is a pale ale bursting with those passionfruit-meets-festival weed notes a-plenty, but smashable enough to enjoy in pints.