Sentinel – IPA 6.8%


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Sentinel – IPA 6.8%

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re absolutely massive fans of Simcoe here at Polly’s. Arguably the hop that changed craft beer forever deserves all the plaudits, and we’ve decided to showcase it here with a single-hop behemoth of an IPA. After a fallow period of almost three years, we’ve brought this incredible beer back for a revised version for 2022; reviewing the gyle sheet from the last brew, we’ve upped the hop bill from 25kg to 45kg of Simcoe in this beer, and the result is an IPA absolutely bursting with everything we come to expect from this incredible hop – piney and resinous on the nose, but an explosion of tropical fruit notes on the palate. Simcoe, it goes without saying we absolutely love you.