Pieces of Glow – IPA with Grape 7.3%


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Pieces of Glow – IPA with Grape 7.3%

Keep it on the down low, but there’s a huge soft spot for wine here at Polly’s HQ. We love sinking our own beers after a hard day’s work in the brewery, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes there’s nothing that hits the spot quite like a crisp, clean glass of white. Whilst we were writing the brew plans for May, we thought, hey – the weather is starting to turn more pleasant now, why not create a beer directly influenced by said passion? Pieces of Glow is the result and it’s an absolute stormer. Utilizing the freshest Nelson Sauvin hops we could get our hands on, and loading this beer with 50kg of white grapes to boot, this beer rocks up to the party with a juicy bouquet of crushed gooseberry, grapefruit, and grape sweetness.