Mosaic Vista – IPA 5.9%


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Mosaic Vista – IPA 5.9%

In case it wasn’t already patently obvious, we’ve been pretty taken in by the Vista hype here at Polly’s. After giving it a run in a single hop pale ale, we talked pretty heavily at length with our hop merchant about how well this varietal plays with others, in particular the certified Polly’s classic – Mosaic. On their own delightfully complex hops in their own right, the combination of these two in tandem with one another takes the aroma and flavour profile of this beer to the next degree. Mosaic brings the bubblegum sweetness, with tangerine tang and berry medley, whilst Vista brings those oh so delicious sweet tropical notes we’ve fallen so in love with since it landed in our cold store. All backed up and wrapped in our signature LA3 house yeast for maximum suspension and fluffiness, we’re already excited for what the USDA has in store for us next!