Mind the Glow – Grape, Rhubarb & Kiwi Beer 5.5%


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Mind the Glow – Grape, Rhubarb & Kiwi Beer 5.5%

Okay, we’re firmly bedded into Spring now, and with that the days are starting to get a little longer, and the weather a little warmer. Beer garden weather is just around the corner, and in celebration of this, we wanted to create a beer perfect for smashing with pals in some roaring sunshine. Not quite a sour, not quite full-on fruited silliness, Mind the Glow is a beer with a “white wine coolers on a bright Saturday at 2pm” kind of vibe. Employing a gentle amount of souring to offset the sweetness of the kiwi, grape and stewed rhubarb introduced midway through fermentation, the result is a beer perfect for kicking back in the sun, supping with pals and sharing good times.