Mambo Fire – Pale Ale 5.5%


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Mambo Fire – Pale Ale 5.5%

Every now and again you just need to go headfirst into a beer with a single-minded plan in place. The plan for Mambo Fire? Simple – straight up, freshly squeezed orange juice. How to create a boozy breakfast juice though? Say no more, and step forward Mosaic and Amarillo – a two hop combo simple in execution, but incredible as a pair. We’ve only brought a 10kg addition of Amarillo to the party on this beer but boy does it bring the high-citrus notes to proceedings. Where do you go from there? Oh a 25kg addition of Mosaic to bring a metric tonne of tangerine flavours to this beer? Sure why not. Positively dripping with citrus notes, we feel we’ve hit the mark with this beer and then some.