Linnu – Red Ale 5.6%


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Linnu – Red Ale 5.6%

As September waltzes into October and the colours start to turn on that daily commute, there’s a chill in the air that lends itself to a particular set of beer styles. The high watermark of summer is fading into the distance, and something a little more in line with the weather is better suited – step forward the Red Ale. We’re huge fans of this style here in the brewery and with Autumn rolling in, we thought there was no better time to drop Linnu; a Polly’s spin on the hoppy red. Using the legendary Hook Island Red from Hackney craft beer OGs Five Points as a point of inspiration, we’re letting the malt do the talking on this beer. A 100% Red X malt grist bill paired with old school hop varietals Amarillo and Centennial results in a beer that is peppery with a hint of spice, held up by a big, bold, malty backbone. All hail the red ale.