Life in Pastel – India Pale Ale 6.2%


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Life in Pastel – India Pale Ale 6.2%

Alright, so we’re pretty dead set on the idea that there’s probably no better three-way combo for those high-juice, low-bitterness hop bombs we’re so accustomed to making than Azacca, Citra, and Mosaic. When used with juuuust the right amount of balance, these three stateside smashers bring incredible pineapple, mango and juicy tangerine notes play perfectly off the bubblegum and berry medley of Mosaic and fresh cut citrus fruits from Citra. Where to take it from there though? How about some smaller dry-hop charges of Nelson and Loral to create some next level complexity? Sure, why not. An additional layer of gooseberry and white wine grape dryness, along with a dark fruit medley of cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant round off this awesome IPA with gusto.