In Violet – DDH Pale Ale 5.5%


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In Violet – DDH Pale Ale 5.5%

Now that we’re steadily rolling into the warmer months, and with it extended periods of time in our favourite place – the humble beer garden – we’ve had a yearning for what we think is the most underrated branch of our output; taking all that flavour intensity of our big hitting IPAs and DIPAs, but reeling it back to a relatively sessionable strength. In Violet is our brew team letting loose and doing what they do best; fully employing our now-signature pyramid dry-hopping technique, this time letting new school classic Mosaic go big with all its super juicy tropical notes, before smaller additions of Amarillo and Chinook do the job of keeping everything in check with grassy pine notes. Juicy, smashable, and totally sessionable.