Hive Colour – Vienna Lager 5.1%


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Hive Colour – Vienna Lager 5.1%

We’ve gone full craft beer circle in the brewery – hazy to sour, sour to imperial stout, imperial stout to lager. When Hive Colour was in the planning process stage, we really tossed up between jumping on the Helles bandwagon, or sticking to our guns and cracking on with the Vienna style lagers we’d done previously. Deciding to stick to the tried and tested has always been a big thing here at Polly’s, and boy are we glad we did again with this beer. Spending a full two months lagering away in tank – time is the best friend of this style, and time is what this beer was afforded by our brewteam. Pouring crystal clear, as a lager should, we’ve honoured the noble characteristics of this style with a gentle addition of Mittelfruh, before adding even lighter sprinklings of Comet, Columbus and Motueka for that signature Polly’s bite.