Electric Indigo – IPA 6.2%


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Electric Indigo

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.2%

Sometimes it’s a blast to let your instincts run wild on a beer – we’ve been doing IPAs since day one, and it’s the style for which we’re most well known and well regarded. Electric Indigo is our brewers doing exactly what they do best; sitting comfortably around the 6% mark, high on the mouthfeel but not viscous, and supercharged with a trio of stateside slammers in Simcoe, Mosaic and Columbus for maximum flavour intensity without being overwhelming. Employing the pyramid technique that has now become a staple of our beers, we’ve let Mosaic take the lead with this beer for a metric tonne of blueberry, tangerine and sweet bubblegum notes, before smaller additions of Simcoe and Columbus traverse from new school juice into old school grassiness.