Beyond Infinite – Pale Ale 5.8%


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Beyond Infinite – Pale Ale 5.8%

Ask any of our brewers if they had carte blanche on the hop bill for a pale and hoppy beer, and we’re pretty certain there’d be a common theme running throughout – the freshest crop of Simcoe for intense passionfruit, apricot and berry fruitiness; Citra for fresh cut citrus fruits, backed up with pithy bitterness, and a sprinkling of world renowned super-hop Galaxy for a little bit of a modern brewing twist – all those potent peach and gooseberry notes bringing everything together in harmony. Sitting plump in that wonderful middle ground between a pale ale and an IPA, and fermented out with our bespoke in-house LA3 yeast strain, we’ve been able to pull in all that fluffy pillowy mouthfeel of our bigger beers, but at a slightly more refined ABV.