B-Sides: Rosa – Black DIPA 8.5%


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B-Sides: Rosa – Black DIPA 8.5%

Our little mini series of beers have always proved to be insanely popular here at Polly’s. Whether it’s the individual staff-designed beers, or the Late Summer single hop pales, a long running theme always seems to go down a storm with our fans. When tossing up ideas for the next series to whirl into our brew plans, our owner Sean came up with the idea of “B Sides” – BIPA versions to run alongside re-brews of our most popular beers. Naturally, it felt the right thing to do to christen this series with the original Augment trio – rounding off this series for now is the grand-daddy of them all, Rosa. Our benchmark beer takes a turn to the dark side for an amped up, maxed out Double Black IPA, and it’s an intense experience of flavour, aroma and body. Retaining all the thickness of the original, as well as the sticky, juicy, piney and dank flavour notes, this beer is taken to the next level with the addition of black malts at the end of mashing in, giving a distinctly roasted extra level to an already incredible DIPA.